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Experienced Newport News Pressure Washing Company

Soft Wash Mafia is a top-tier, highly experienced pressure washing company that serves Newport News and the surrounding cities.

Our services range from commercial pressure washing to everyday run-of-the-mill residential pressure washing. These services will be provided to you by only the best pressure washing experts available, their knowledge and skills far surpassing those of our competitors. In addition, scheduling with our friendly office staff members is an easy and hassle-free experience that takes your goals, your schedule, and your budget into consideration.

With our crew, we at Soft Wash Mafia are confident in being the best pressure washing company in Newport News.

Driveway washing

Driveway Washing

Driveway washing is a simple and effective method of removing growths and containments from your driveway before you get the chance to accidentally drag it inside of your house. Maintaining a regular driveway washing schedule with a reputable pressure washing company like Soft Wash Mafia can also increase the lifespan of the structure.

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Sidewalk washing

Sidewalk Cleaning

Sidewalk cleaning and driveway washing go hand-in-hand as they are both good ways of preventing containments from infringing on your interior home. Sidewalk cleaning is also important because it creates a safe, slip-free surface for you or visitors to travel from place to place.

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Roof washing

Roof Cleaning

When we perform our roof cleaning service, we are actually performing a pressure washing method called soft washing that was developed specifically for delicate surfaces like roofs. Having a roof cleaning once a year can help deter algae and moss from growing on your roof and destroying your tiles.

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Deck fence washing

Deck & Fence Washing

Deck and fence washing is a sure-fire way to prepare for a fun summer, but also helps prevent spreading harmful substances like mold into the house. After all, a deck is most often located right at the threshold of your house.

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Window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is important for keeping your house looking nice. It is important that this is performed by a pressure washing company like Soft Wash Mafia using a soft washing technique to reduce the odds of damage.

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Gutter brightening

Gutter Brightening

This service cleans both the inside and outside of your gutters. Most clients are blown away by how much a gutter brightening makes a difference in the appearance of their home.

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Rust removal

Rust Removal

Pressure washing is the best method for removing rust stains from your exterior surfaces. This is because water molecules can get into the tiniest pore to clean it.

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Commercial pressure washing

Commercial Pressure Washing

We at Soft Wash Mafia are proud to offer this service to local business owners. In fact, it is one of our favorite Newport News pressure washing services.

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