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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Tactics For Newport News Roof Care

Roof washing

Many Newport News residents are unaware that pressure washing a roof requires a whole different method. Our roof cleaning service at Soft Wash Mafia employs soft washing techniques to provide flawless results without endangering your shingles and tiles.

Soft washing is a pressure washing procedure that doesn't cause damage to the exterior surface of the structure. It is also helpful against organic growths that frequently take over our roofs when combined with certain chemicals and washes.

You may also hear about soft washing while looking into other services because it is excellent for other delicate materials like wood, glass, and older vinyl materials, although it is most frequently mentioned when talking about roof cleaning.

To discover what we can do for pressure washing for Newport News homeowners, give us a call at 757-254-1042 and speak to one of our friendly staff members.

Soft Washing Is The Only Safe Way To Clean Your Roof

Soft washing and regular pressure washing are very different from one another. A staggering water pressure level of up to 4000 psi is used in regular pressure washing to physically scrape away at the filth and growths it targets. In contrast, soft washing employs a low psi level together with certain chemicals and detergents to chemically wash the dirt and growths. Both methods produce lovely results (a spotless and healthy outdoor surface), but soft washing is the only safe method for cleaning your roof.

Call us at 757-254-1042 to learn more about roof cleaning for Newport News residents.

Neglecting Your Roof Cleaning

When you first discover that the algae and bacteria that are known to thrive on the tops of our houses are feeding on the materials made of our shingles, those green and black streaks on your roof suddenly feel threatening.

As these growths gradually eat away at your shingles, they are shortening the life of your roof. In addition, because algae have a tendency to absorb heat, your attic might reach exceptionally high temperatures that might radiate into your living rooms, raising your electricity bill.

Even worse is moss, which may lift and twist the edges of your shingles. This is frequently a dead giveaway that your roof needs to be replaced since it almost certainly indicates that water is leaking between your tiles.

Luckily, roof cleaning, a service often used alongside gutter brightening, is a sure-fire way of preventing these risks.